tirsdag den 8. december 2009

det her tog ca. 3 minutter og jeg har ikke rettet en skid

lamps lamps couches and chairs lobbies is that with an i or a y it might be both but not at the same time your skin feels softer than it usually does did you use some kind of skin deterrent questions i wish there was a swimming pool somewhere around here so we could go swimming this is also just for entertainment closer than i ever thought id be to fat people around the swimming pool people that are fat both overweight flesh and overweight minds and souls that clog with fat and bile i seem to have to go to the bathroom maybe not just to take a shit i wish youd go with me what color is the puke that fat people spew im not sure i ever saw a fat person spew puke or else i just dont remember cause there doesnt seem to be any reason for me or anyone else to remember anything about it im also writing just for fun in the lobby of some imaginary hotel that i wish i could just fuck off and go to instead of spending my days and the hours of the days sitting around wondering what the fuck i spend my days and the house of them thinking about and wondering about why i dont just go somewhere where i dont know anybody so that that way i could make friends and leave them suddenly and undramatically like a drama that only i understand or perhaps like a world where im the only one that knows there is a script to it all and id see only palm threes and building colored by the color of their paint in perpetual sun and moon and heat and warm nights and women colored by whisky and the ideas of that kind of mind and then perpetually again i say that i dont want anything no thank you i like the pool and the next woman and the chairs and the lobby and i hate saying goodbye if i would wish i never saw you again that’s quite often and more often that not that youd with that id wish that if you were me

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Peter Møller sagde ...

Lars, du kan fandme formulere dig på en måde der får SMS-etikette til at virke som det mest ligegyldige i verden.

Lasse Laks sagde ...

we can has børnefødselsdag snart?