mandag den 14. december 2009

crystal mountains crystal earth mountains skull crystals the earth and the mountain the earth and the maw of the mountains and underneath crystals and earth and the peaks of mountains and rivers and dew in pearls or other kinds of water and no water to shed on the hillsides but the torrents of god no people talking but the ones that are lost no birds to sing but the ones that have come out of the mist of the crystal mountains and shrouded in fog and rain and thunder and the darkness of condensed water constellations constellations the upper parts of the world and constellations thin air thick and rain fog dew mountain falling like water shed on the hillsides and through the hearts of the people of the hillsides and the hearts of the birds nesting on the hillsides and all the shining children of people and birds and also the ones that have fallen down or drowned in the lakes that lie like the tears of time in the maw of the hillsides and the birds that have been snatched from the world of fog that are on the hillsides by other birds while the shining children of the people bathed and drowned in the lakes on the hillside and love was made all around the forests and the houses that the people had built out of the forests that grow on the hillsides while they also died and loved more at times right to love and died at times right to die or were wise or small at times when they were alone or felt alone or were too alone in the forests of the hillsides and felt the heart of a bird when they held the small birds that sing in the shining forests of the hillsides and thought of their own hearts and the hearts of people and they lived and left the forests and tried to love because love is the only thing that can understand you when you try to understand how there can be love when there is also death think of the people and birds that return as earth flowers wind light trees rivers and fog now and also after death and you are earth flowers wind light trees rivers and fog of the hillsides

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