lørdag den 13. februar 2010

Det her er til dig Bjalle.

Desværre, kan jeg ikke udtrykke mine følelser med tømmermænd, så jeg poster bare lyrics:

Not everything must end
Not every romance must decend
Not every lovers pact decays
Not every sad mistake replays

If you can love my growing gut
My rotting teeth and greying hair
Then I can gaurentee I'll do the same
As long as you can bare

If you love my little poofy hands
My skinny arms and reeking feet
The way I dance
The way I eat
If you love the morning spots
I try to squeeze before you're up to see
Each torn ankle
Each weak knee

But still my moods must swing
To solitude I must still cling
And you won't love me every day
And suffer many a display

My plates may smash and doors may slam
My comments might be less than kind
But that won't mean I've changed my mind
I'm a huffy prick the best of times
I love to sulk and shout and squeel
But please don't doubt the way I feel

Cos when the sun burns up the earth
Our progeny will raise a can
Here's to where It all began
And everyday I hear the world is cracking up
The end is near
I hear we all should live in fear

Bullys, burglers, pedophiles, bird flu and passive smoke
(They're coming)
Volcanos, earthquakes, tidal waves, heart disease and strokes
(They're coming)
Terrorists with home-made poisons, factions everywhere
(They're coming)
They're drinking in the street and they could steal your name
And I don't care