fredag den 16. januar 2015

den lille robotrobot siger

Never leak many of the integral organs.
Following that get your combo utilizing a sieve and/or maybe chinois.
That may be the primary current discoveries in the area of at the kitchen appliances.

Together with the pantone managing it is recommended take into consideration the style of your family pot on top of that toaster.
It is the ideal alternative for a minimal home, all the sport apartment in their home the places you believe you can heat up another late night goody, and even your ultimate mother-in-law who's altered for the basement and wishes to educate her very own dinner.

Automobile awaken once you add some eggs-they really does cocinero immediately.
Huge microwave-safe baby bottles distributed in every city.
This device has already warming elements that secrete warming, which then makes your meal externally doing.

Material limit microwaves are probably meant for consistent
domestic food prep demands and are with some auto-cook gives you.
It actually does minimize their own personal risk.
Their tempo on the yelping routine is more necessary in contrast to voice.

2 kommentarer:

Victor Owie sagde ...

Domo arigato, mr roboto!

( ps jeg ønsker mig også opvarmning elementer, der udskiller opvarmning og, ja, min yelping rutine er nødvendig )

niels ung sagde ...

wir sind die roboter
bip bippedip
jetzt wollen wir tanzen mechanik
dyp dyppidyp